Agar Agar - What is it ?

What is Agar Agar ?

Agar-agar is extracted from marine red algae that are 100% natural. These chemical properties allow it to swell on contact with water. Thanks to this, you'll be able to concoct taste light and satiating dishes. You'll find the Agar Agar most often in the form of white powder. You can then incorporate it into all sorts of dishes, and it gels below 40°. It is an ingredient completely odorless and tasteless, which has only 3 calories per gram.

Agar Agar is also a very good ally for dieters because it is a food rich in soluble fiber with slight laxative properties. But how does it work? It's very simple, in addition to cut your appetite quickly swelling in the body, before being evacuated by the body, Agar Agar will capture the sugars, fats and toxins. Hence its huge success among people who desire to follow an effective regime. The Japanese have understood that and that is why 40% of world production is released in Japan. Finally, this miracle ingredient contains trace elements and minerals.

Agar Algae

Directions for use

Agar agar has the ability to absorb a very large amount of water. Depending on usage and temperature which is used Agar Agar can be formed to seaweed thickener, a light gel or a very firm gel.

User manual

Use 2g Agar Agar powder for about 1/2 liter of cold liquid. Boil this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. So you can work your mixture, then let it cool so that the gel is formed. If you prepare an acid preparation or jam, it will slightly increase the dosage.