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Agar Agar AlgaeAgar Agar is a natural product without flavor, which is rich in iodine and trace elements and has a slightly laxative properties. The flakes are produced by a traditional method of cooking. Just squeeze the algae and natural form bars thanks to the freeze. Then just grind bars powders.

Agar Agar has properties more powerful than gelatine which requires refrigeration. For Agar Agar, simply leave one hour at room temperature. But it is advisable to store dishes gelled with agar-agar in the refrigerator because it is a food rich in protein.

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What is Agar Agar?

cooking women Basically, it's just a red algae that reduce to powder by various manipulations. It has no taste, odorless, very little heat and when it incorporates a food preparation, it gels. It is widely used in cooking since it can replace the gelatine animal. Agar agar is used for healthy cooking and light, it is part of new food trends, yet the Japanese have discovered the 17th century. Virtually zero calories, but so very rich in minerals, mucilaginous texture helps eliminate toxins and improves digestion, however, composed of fibers, it acts on intestinal transit so be careful to overdose or it would laxative. The advantage of the agar is that it is antibacterial so the microbes can not develop there, so you can keep longer the dishes you have prepared. In the food industry, it is much used as an additive in ice creams, candies, for example under the designation E406. The benefit of consuming agar-agar is that it's a totally harmless.


Dessert Agar Agar Gelatin agar is used by two kinds of people, those who do not use animal gelatin, which can make food they usually put aside as cream, frozen... and those who want to cook light. Mix well the agar in a little water or in the liquid preparation and add this mixture to the mixture. For gels that must bring the temperature to 85°C, we can either bring the whole to a boil, prepare the solution is on one side and fold the rest of the preparation. The gel strength of agar is eight times that of animal gelatine, it is completely colorless and odorless making once gelled, it can provide with all kinds of food preparation: desserts, jams, jellies, creams and sauces. As for the jam, add the agar agar pre-diluted in a little water after cooking, agar agar keeps the nutritional qualities of fresh fruit while reducing the cooking time.

Use Agar Agar

Weight loss To learn how to tame the agar powder, nothing beats a recipe. The most common dosage powder/liquid ratio of 2 grams per 500 ml. In this recipe, we will take the milk plant. Then poured the cold milk in a saucepan and throw dust in rain agar in milk. Are mixed and cooked over medium heat. When the solution begins to boil, simmer it for 20 seconds. Then added what you will, for example, barley syrup to sweeten and poured into small glasses. Once cooled the preparation, we get a frozen milk farm. If it is to be creamier, add another substance, such as cream, fruit puree, cheese... Instead of milk, you can put tea, fruit juices, vegetables, broth... And we personalize with crème fraiche, mashed fruits, vegetables...